Monday, February 24, 2014

RapidLash First Impression

 I am one of the unfortunate ones who were born with short, straight eyelashes. My boyfriend often makes fun of me since his lashes are even longer than mine... 
I purchased my RapidLash from Costco for about $43 before tax (online at Costco it costs $53.99 for some reason...) which is quite a bit cheaper than at Shoppers Drug Mart which sells it for $59.99 before tax. 
So far, I think the application of the product itself is quite easy. With a very fine tipped brush, it's easy to apply the product right at the roots of my eyelashes. I personally apply this at night right before I go to sleep however, I find that it stings my eyes a little and makes my eyes feel more tired. 
Anyways, I really hope this product works! Thanks for reading!
Yours Truly, Janice

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