Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Haul

These past two weeks has been very very hectic with midterms and reports. But now I'm back in  Toronto for reading week and did a little bit of de-stress shopping and decided to do a little haul.
1. Striped Gap sweater - best bargain ever reduced from $60 to $20! 
2. H&M denim shirt - ... nothing much to say about this, just needed a new denim shirt
3. Forever 21 Maxi Dress - imo looks really really similar to the $60 one they sell at Aritzia but this one was only $21! 
3. Rimmel Apocalips in Nova - I really wanted to try these for the longest time and I finally bought it! But this colour is quite different from what it looks like in the packaging...which I should've known... but for some reason I thought it would look exactly like the packaging. This isn't a shade I would usually go for, but I guess it's a good change? 
4. Maybelline Great Lash clear mascara - I love using this as a brow gel, love love love 
5. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Kajal in Brown - I love the Kohl Kajal eyeliners and I just wanted a softer colour which I could use instead of black so yeah...
6. Johnson & Johnson no more tangles - I love this stuff. My hair is always always in tangles and this stuff makes my hair detangle like no other. And I really like the smell... Either way, I was running out of my last one and so I just needed to repurchase it. 
Thanks for reading! 
Yours truly, Janice 

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