Sunday, February 2, 2014

OOTD: February 2, 2014

 When I go shopping, I like to dress comfortably and light so that I wouldn't get too warm walking in the mall. Today, the highlight of my outfit would be my new layered sweater from Phillip Lim. My mom had recently visited Hong Kong and one of her friends had very generously given this shirt to her. Since this isn't really the type of shirt my mom would wear, she gave it to me instead. This asymmetrical sweater is longer at the back and has an inner layer that feels really cool and comfortable against your skin. The geometrical sleeve of this sweater also makes it really unique!
I paired this sweater with my mom's Cheap Monday dark wash skinny jeans. Since I had to pack light for the weekend, I hadn't packed a pair of proper fitting dark wash jeans and needed to borrow my mother's instead. Seeing these jeans on me, my mom decided I should keep them instead since she rarely wears them herself. For accessories, I wore my silver Michael Kors watch with a dainty silver bracelet and bangle. I finished off my outfit with a pair of black ridding boots from Anne Klein. 
My purse of the day is this Black Valentino Rockstud Medium Shopper Tote. This was my first time using this purse, and I've got to say.. it's quite a heavy one! 
Tomorrow will be a long car day as I will be heading back into uni :(. But at least I had the chance to relax and truly enjoy my weekend back at home. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too! 

Yours Truly, Janice 


  1. Love the Valentino tote. The weekends always seem to go by so fast

  2. I love the bag =)