Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

In my family, it's a tradition to go out for dim sum on Chinese New Year. 
This morning, my parents and I battled out the waiting lines at a nearby dim sum restaurant. 
In the evening, we went over to my grandmother's house for dinner. Since I'm often out of town for university, it's always nice to be able to gather with my extended family to eat a nice dinner and catch up. Whenever my grandma knows that I'm home from uni, she always makes sure to make my favourite dishes too!
For the children, receiving red pockets are always a nice addition to Chinese New Year! 
But, Chinese New Year is never complete without this tasty desserts. 年糕, which directly translates to 'year cake', is basically a cake prepared with glutinous rice and fried with egg... while that description doesn't make it sound very appealing, trust me, it is. 

 Besides all the Chinese New Year festivities, I did end up going shopping for a bit today since I rarely get a chance to go to the mall back in uni. I might be putting together a haul sometime later this week since I anticipate I might end up spending some of my red pocket money this weekend... heh...anyhow...
(I wish you all a happy new year, good health, may all your wishes come true, and I wish you luck in the year of the horse!) 
Yours truly, Janice

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Meet Toki

Today was sort of a boring-type of day. I guess the most exciting part of my day is that I'm HOME now! The bus ride was not the greatest though. See, I have this issue where when I know I won't have access to a bathroom, I will constantly feel like I have to go pee. It's definitely a psychological thing. 

So now that I'm home, I guess I should introduce you to my crazy pet dog, Toki. Her name actually means rabbit or something in Korean but it sounds cute in English, in my opinion. 
Toki is a mix of Pekingese and Lhasa Apso. No one seems to ever understand what I'm saying when I say that so, here's a little visual. 

The first one is a Lhasa Apso and the second, a Pekingese. Put them together, and you get Toki! 
She usually isn't very friendly to me... Toki was originally my aunt's dog, but she was going to give her away, and I couldn't let that happen. So I brought Toki home ... without my mom's approval. I was kinda in trouble for a while after that. Little did I know that she's secretly evil. I can't even count the types she's angrily snapped at me for taking her stuff and I swear, she purposely does that to me only. Never to my parents. She know's I have the least authority in the house :(
But whenever I come home from uni, Toki is much more friendly and needy, which is always a nice change. Once I walk through the door, she would lean against my legs and wait for me to pet her. Her cuteness makes up for the times that she bullies me I guess...

It's time for me to sleep again, goodnight everyone!
Yours Truly, Janice 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Casual Tuesday

Finally, my busiest and most stressful day of the week is over.. And only 2 more days until I get to go home to Toronto, sleep in my comfy bed, play with my grumpy pup and celebrate Chinese New Year with my family! Since starting my blog, I haven't really posted anything so I decided a little outfit of the day seemed like a good idea.. 
Today, I paired my white Babaton Bowie tank top with a green over-sized jacket type thing I thrifted from Value Village last year (I sewed on a draw cord at the waist to give it the 'parka' type look). I paired that with a pair of acid wash jeans which I bought from a couple years back. For accessories, I went with my Tiffany twist knot earrings, Michael Kors watch and a simple bracelet from American Eagle.
This was my version of casual and comfy (: anyways time for me to get to bed...
Thanks for reading!
Yours truly, Janice

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The First

Starting a blog has always seemed like a scary concept to me. I thought that putting my life and opinions on the internet for everyone to read would make me vulnerable. However, after becoming a dedicated reader of Wendyslookbook's blogs for the past year, I decided that sharing one's opinion should not be a fearful experience, rather it should be a creative and fun one!

My name is Janice and my interests include cooking, watching television, crafting and shopping.This blog will be a place for me to reflect on my daily adventures and share my newest obsessions. I hope that my blog will be able to inspire other's the way the Wendy's has inspired me.

Yours Truly, Janice